The Macrons

The Macrons 


1/4 cup castor sugar
60 g castor sugar (1/3 cup) + 140 g powdered sugar  (2 cups minus 2 tbs) (sifted together)
190 g powdered almond  (2 cups minus 2 tbs) + 190 g powdered sugar  (2 cups and 1/4 minus 2 tbs) (sifted  together)
140 g egg whites at room temperature (about 5 egg whites)


Whisk the egg whites with an electric whisker until it becomes thick  and does not spill from the vessel.

Add the powdered sugar and the castor sugar and continue the whisking. ( don't over whisk) 

After the previous phase, we add the desirable colour. Add more colour to intense it. 

Add the powdered almond and the powdered sugar to the previous mixture and stir with a scraper. 

it will look like the following 

Fill it in a plastic piping bag.

Pipe the dough into round shapes over a lined tray with parchment paper. Tap the tray from the underneath to release the trapped air in the macrons. Let it rest for 10 minutes to form a shell on the surface. 

Bake the macrons in a preheated oven with 150C for 10 minutes then reduce the heat until 100C and bake it for extra 10 minutes.  

Take out the macrons and let it cool down 

Fill it in with a desirable flavour such as peanut putter, Nutella, butter cream with coffee or mint essence etc... 

Final presentation

bon appétit

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